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Professors are then held strictly accountable for truth-in-advertising. Succinct, precise, unambiguous, and accurate writing needs to be encouraged.

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Consistent development. Embed the descriptors for the Gordon Rule Rubric into a variety of college level writing assignments.

Brainstorming Assignment Wallace, David.

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Its basically a response to a larger than you'd expect number of florida university graduates not being able to pass the CLAST a re-hashing of the SAT.

Instead, a writer concerned with effective writing engages in a serious process-approach. Students should revise the essay until it meets the standards outlined below.

In addition to a clear demonstration of accuracy and logic with respect to the paper's subject matter, a student will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in structuring an essay and conveying his or her thoughts in a technically and grammatically correct manner.

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Paragraph structure uniformly supports content. Stated or implied thesis developed logically, coherently and extensively with convincing, specific supporting details. In planning and structuring an essay, a student will be expected to Select a subject which lends itself to development. Effective writing. The petition process may take up to one 1 month and the student will be informed via email of the final outcome. Research Paper Assignment Buranen, Lise. Adheres to purpose, fulfills assignment, shows adequate understanding of key issues. Welcome to the Gordon Rule Website. In editing and proofreading an essay, a student will be expected to Demonstrate effective word choice by.

Some factual errors Thesis, stated or implied, presents a plan of development that is carried out. Limit the subject to a topic that can be developed within the requirements of time, purpose, and audience.

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