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A written kind of design provocation. The writers may exercise limited creative license around the above general areas. Specifically, educating people on the alternatives to vaccines — the morbidity and the mortality associated with lack of vaccination — was shown to be the most effective strategy.

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There is no age limit for the competition. The essay shall be no longer than words max. By request, here is a Design Fiction Printable Edition that will print on normal, human paper, to scale on 8. Steel is dominantly composed of iron; yet, it is harder than pure iron.

Three UCs accepted my application and offered me admissions.

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When a high enough percentage of the population is immune, pathogens have a harder time spreading. Her good use of storytelling and, well, finishing second in the Olympics for brainiacs make this person kinda hard to forget. Feedback from Alicia Kosasih What I like about this essay: The essay kicks off with a nice, just-right interrogative sentence that portrays a classic question on going to college and deciding your major. Each essay must clearly state the name, email address, telephone contact, address, and the institutional affiliation, if any. I am interested in Artificial Intelligence, especially with the idea of making a robot that can play sports. Let us know in comments. How is this accomplished?

Although they were similar, when the pure ice hammered, it shattered.

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