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There was a practical reason for this: communal living demands long tables in large buildings. As previously stated, the elders and eldresses were in charge for the most part.

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Her latter-day followers tried to tone down her messianic pretensions, but they were clear, and outlasted her life. Additional Essays by Nicholas C. After she died, she left several people behind who had the exact way of thinking that she possessed to adapt to any changes that may have arisen.

Most of the elements of Shakerism are common to orders and sects: the Dervishes whirled, Dominican monks renounced the flesh. The things that they created were nothing short of spectacular.

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The enterprise gave the Shakers a curious double existence as a scary sect and a solid brand. So far, so weird. Instead, they permanently defined a curiously American composition, played in the blue key of E: enlightenment, entrepreneurialism, and exploitation all in counterpoint, with a half-heard chord of illicit eroticism.

There is evidence that the Shakers themselves, even by the end of the nineteenth century, lived in conventional rooms with ordinary objects. I hope you find these topics as important and interesting as I do. It was only then that the Believers began to emerge as a distinct cult with a distinct cult practice—a religious sect gathered around a single charismatic figure.

Look-alikes aside, what most connects the minimal art of Judd and Serra and Stella with their very improbable predecessors is their fanaticism.

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History of the Shakers (U.S. National Park Service)