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Wiglaf supervises the building of the funeral pyre.

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They threw up their shields. However, the dragon inspects the treasure every day and quickly notices the missing cup. The action in the first part takes place in Denmark, where Hrothgar is king. But dragons are wont to seek out gold and lie upon it and they are jealous guardians. Although there are indications that Beowulf is a pagan story, it seems to have Christian themes. He meets that challenge by facing danger bravely and trusting that the story of his deeds will cause him to live on in memory. Beowulf, who owes Hrothgar a debt of honour, comes from his home among the Geats to help him. The fight is long and terrible and a painful contrast to the battles of his youth. As the dragon widened his search more settlements were destroyed and populations wiped out.

The poem did not appear in print until The poem ends with a ceremony of praise for Beowulf. Hrothgar and his advisors can think of nothing to calm the monster's anger.

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Little good it did them as no spear point or sword or axe blade could hack through his shaggy hide. At the back of the cave, he sees Grendel's corpse. Then out of the mound the dragon charged. The treasure is sacrificed in the fire with Beowulf. After recounting the story of his battles with Grendel and Grendel's mother, Beowulf tells King Hygelac about the feud between Denmark and their enemies, the Heatho-bards. Beowulf prepares a ship and chooses 14 brave warriors to accompany him. Beowulf is about the adventures of a hero named Beowulf.

He also brings the remains of the sword: Its blade had melted when it cut into Grendels flesh. Beowulf Beowulf Beowulf is the title of the earliest existing Anglo-Saxon epic. King Beowulf, who was by now seventy years old, boldly said he would slay the dragon.

The Geats are greeted by the members of Hrothgar's court, and Beowulf boasts to the king of his previous successes as a warrior, particularly his success in fighting sea monsters.

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The story also explores the psychology and feelings of other characters, such as Unferth, who was initially jealous of Beowulf, and the Geat warriors, who were cowardly when facing the dragon.

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Beowulf: The Legend