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Before getting my MBA, I worked as a policy analyst on Capitol Hill because I loved researching issues and making recommendations that someone else would give voice to. While I love lemonade stands I do have a 4-year-old, you knowit is just too dated for it to be the main reason why you want to study business at 17 years of age.

A total of words for what will essentially be two stories. Introduce yourself to your future Ross classmates in words or less.

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If their answer comes close to the actual essay prompt, then you have done your job well! That was a little confusing. ETA: Thanks to a sharp-eyed BSer for pointing out that the second question of Essay 1 is actually worded differently this year. All too often our reading team sees application essays that are modeled after a template someone has given them, or are very similar to an essay that was lauded in the media we all remember that Costco essay that got someone into five Ivy League Schools and Stanford! Why is this career goal right for you? Connect with Michigan Ross. I hear ya. Another factor to consider is everything the admissions committee will already know about you from the other portions of your application; you do not want to waste this opportunity to paint a well-rounded picture of yourself by repeating information available elsewhere in your profile. Describe your career goals. We suggest that in treating this as a mini essay, you consider using a narrative approach to paint a dynamic picture of how you conduct yourself and to engage your reader with a compelling story that has a clear beginning, middle, and end. What advice would you give to a colleague who was dealing with a similar situation? The way you tie these pieces together will be important. We offer this guide to candidates free of charge.

This is how we assess fit — through alignment of your values with the values of our community — not whether you pick a personal or professional example. Finally, you should relate this passion to the Ross community.

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These dates should match your application. For reference: Past Season Ross Essays The reason we include these past-year questions is so you get a better sense of the school. Stating your goals in a vacuum, without any connection to where you have been, can be a little bit confusing for the reader, especially if you are a career changer.

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We want to give you the option to pick something from either your personal or professional life. What event, experience, or moment in your teen years led you to this decision?

You must have the equivalent of a U.

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Connect with Michigan Ross. You might want to discuss completion of supplemental coursework, employment gaps, academic issues, etc. Your resume should be no longer than one page. What event, experience, or moment in your teen years led you to this decision? All of those questions went through my head except the last as I contemplated how I would respond to our essay prompts. Choose your recommender. When you are done writing, take a look at your responses and see if they are complementary of one another. Prepare for your interview. Describe a time in your career when you were frustrated or disappointed. Nearly 90 others are exploring Japan and Korea on treks led by classmates. Part 1: Short Answer Questions Select one prompt from each group of the three groups below. Words on paper.

Watch the short video below before you continue reading the full analysis! Instead, tell us what you do in high school that has sparked your interest.

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During their summer internships, Ross students are happy to meet prospective MBAs and answer questions about curriculum, student life, recruiting, Ann Arbor, and more. Last year they wanted applicants to also discuss a long-term goal. Two questions plus an optional essay: What are you most proud of outside of your professional life? There are six options, but you can choose the question you want to answer from each group. You may self-report your score on the application or upload unofficial score reports. So, to recap, strive to make sure your responses 1 genuinely reflect who you are as a candidate and are as specific to you alone as possible; 2 present a narrative that allows the reader to walk in your shoes, so to speak; 3 are complementary of each other, with each one revealing something different about you; and 4 do not discuss a part of your profile that is already well explained or represented in a different part of your application. Example 2 Good : After intensely searching throughout Chinatown for three hours, I finally found fresh Daikon and could not wait to get home to add it to my soup and be able to taste my newest recipe for the first time. Wanna know how to do that?
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